Finally, after 13 years, the release of "KINKY HOODOO" is here and features tracks taken from Jilly's first studio project, a psychedelic funk rock explosion that began in 2004 at Diamond Studios in Wakefield. A whole 13 track album was recorded, produced and mastered AND WAS NEVER RELEASED! After 4 years of recording and re recording, edit upon edit of each track.......Jilly couldn't draw the finish line, always looking for a better sound. Perfectionism was a real sickness regarding music and infected the mind of Jilly Riley like the plague.......eventually causing the abandonment of what was an awesome trio project........ with the accompaniment of Will Richards on drums, a good friend, engineer and co producer of the EP and debut album "Organic Soul", and the backing vocals of Alan Slatter, Father of daughter Melody.

Throughout her recording years Jilly's musical style has evolved and developed, originating from 70's rock and funk, both of which are magnetically entwined within the tracks of this EP. Gritty, riffy and downright dirty was the name of the game during these 4 years, with inspiration coming from Zeppelin, Kravitz, The Doors and........Hendrix, Jilly's first real musical love about whom she had a dream, a dream that inspired the EP's opening track "Black Magic Boy"

Final touches have been added to the chosen tracks by means of re-mastering the old school way, using the retro tape machine of Laurel House Studios (see photo) to add the warmth and "oh so lovely crunch" in Jilly's words, of the good old days,.........and so, after sitting for so long upon the musical dissection table inside Jilly's now cured mind, you can feast your little ears on this 6 track belter of an EP........Kinky Hoodoo.

Kinky Hoodoo

Jilly Riley

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Kinky Hoodoo is a selection of re-mastered songs taken from Jilly's first studio recordings that began in 2004 at Diamond Studios in Wakefield. She was accompanied during this psychedelic funk rock project by friend, engineer and co producer Will Richards on drums and Alan Slatter, Father of daughter Melody, singing backing Vocals. All 6 tracks were re-mastered at Laurel House Studios in 2017.

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    Angel 5:03
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As you may have seen on TV, Jilly appeared on The Voice UK 2018's episode 6 singing Free's "Alright Now" earning her a place on board team J Hud! Since then she's got to know the team, had A LOT of fun and given a lot of effort, sweat and tears throughout the show and rehearsals for the battle against Jake Benson which was aired March 3rd. The pair sang "Every Breath You Take," by The Police, making a beautiful duo rather than a "battle," finding it hard to fight as opponents after becoming friends! Jenifer's final decision was to keep Jake and Jilly said fare well to the Show, regrettably but also "a little relieved to be free from the pressure of something she didn't vibrate with from the heart." She wishes Jake MASSIVE LOVE AND LUCK for the rest of the show and will be routing for him if he makes it to the Live Shows! You can read more about Jilly's deep reasons for taking part in the show and her experience throughout, including the latest updates and intimate feelings regarding her personal battle with anxiety, in The Riley Diary 2018, a blog found at the bottom of the HOME page.

Photo tweeted by Jake. Chill out time!

Photo tweeted by Jake. Chill out time!