The sharing of Jilly and Matt's acoustic video of Over The Rainbow during the summer lockdown of 2020 evoked an unexpected wave of support and appreciation. This was the initial inspiration that encouraged the two to record a 'proper' version of the song, that would become the single which is OUT NOW.

Originally intended as an acoustic version, the track has since been draped in swathes of nostalgic dreamery. Layers of 40's style harmonies featuring Melody, Jilly's daughter, ooze beneath soulful vocals, decorated with the magic of Matt Knee's classic 'George Harrison' melodic guitar style and carried off in to the wind upon silky orchestral enchantment. 

It was felt that such musical richness was deserving of a special release and could lend its self not only to inspiring hope but to supporting a very important cause.

Suicide prevention, a cause very close to Jilly's heart having lost her Father at a young age.


"The loss of a loved one is always a harrowing experience, but a loss due to suicide is devastating in a way I can't put in to words. In its wake, a trail of questions, often without answers, ultimately leading to no real closure, a very difficult thing to grieve. For me, as a little girl, this was the beginning of a life of mental and emotional struggle, that I am only beginning to understand as I leave my 30's"

Just before the pandemic began suicide rates among men in England and Wales were at their highest in 2 decades, and in 2019 the highest incidences for both men and women were in Yorkshire and the Humber (The Guardian). With regards to these figures, in 2020 Samaritan's chief executive, Ruth Sutherland said 

“With the impact of the pandemic this year taking a huge toll on people’s mental wellbeing, we should be even more concerned,” (The Guardian)

And so, with the pandemic causing so much devastation to people far and wide, and in finding that suicide rates among men and women before its onset were highest in their local region, it was an obvious choice, raising awareness and funds for the vital and often life saving support provided by Samaritans.

Also on board is Nationally recognized mural artist, Rachel List, creator of 'The rainbow trail' who has designed and crafted the artwork for the single. Throughout lockdown she echoed within her work, the symbol we've all began to associate with our dearly loved NHS, hope and safety, the rainbow, splashing cheer upon the streets of Yorkshire, raising awareness and funds for many great causes. She will be auctioning the cover art at a special event taking place, 'Moments' at Moyse's Hall Museum from May 22nd, where her work will be exhibited alongside some of the world's leading modern artists, including Banksy! The funds will be donated to Samaritans. 

Over The Rainbow, a song for hope and mental wellbeing, supporting suicide prevention, donating to Samaritans

In loving memory of Peter Birtwistle




A Little Help From My Friends

 A note from Jilly:

This track and the video were recorded for my followers as a thank you for their continued support over the years and, for the love they've shared during the dark times I've lived recently and for their patience with the finishing of the new album to come later than expected this year.  The title says it all. I really have got by with a little help from my friends. I can't express the gratitude I feel for this enough! Massive love for the tribe! Free download here!




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