I recently collaborated with a local artist and friend of mine, Pedro Gaio. We're hoping to see out the summer with our rendition of Bobby Mc Ferrin's number 1 hit 'Don't Worry Be Happy' which drops this  Friday, 26th August. 


This track is a sun-drenched reggae/Hawaiian/soul fusion, featuring the velvety vocals of swing/soul artist Pedro Gaio. There were giggles all round throughout the creation journey of the song and the video......some of which we managed to capture during a mini road trip of the North East English coast, filming for the video. Feel good vibes and good old fashioned British seaside antics are the theme of the video, in contrast to the definitely tropical feel of the song its self.....but somehow they work very well together!


Out Friday August 26th on all major music platforms



Secret in My Back Pocket, my latest single is a sweet little summer tune all about......well......I guess that's for you to decide, because it's a secret!

Contrary to the summer glow the music and video both radiate (I like to think they do anyway), the song its self was written during the dark of winter, a somewhat depressive period of last year for me. Funnily enough, it's release seems to be coinciding with a period of personal expansion and blossoming as summer is in full bloom, many months later than what I'd actually planned. Life has a way of working things out for us when we least expect it sometimes. 

I'm hoping this little tune will make its way to your playlists and be part of your summer soundtrack.......driving to the beach, cooking with friends, picnicking, partying, strolling, lazing, smooching....whatever you like to do when the skies are blue and the fields are full of colour. 


During the beginning of the shocking violence against the people of the Ukraine in February I was faced with a major situation regarding my band and the future of my music...I'm still coming to terms with it actually. We'd been rehearsing for 5 months, prepping for my album launch this year, the tracks of which were mostly finished,  and my studio suffered a software malfunction that is irreparable......consequently my album suffered too and won't be happening any time soon. During this time the band had a shift in line up, altering the way we could or couldn't perform for the launch too. Just a few days after this I discovered my studio computer smashed on the floor without explanation (although it still works).......I felt it was been made clear to me that I needed to do things differently! 

Without the original goal and members of the band and with the growing pain and fear around the war I decided to write something that could become a project for the band, bring a little sunshine to worried people near and far and raise funds for people affected by the conflict.......and so 'Got a Little Love' was born.

My musical family and awesome friends (the lads) Ian Hawkins (drums) Stuart Brennan (bass) and Tony Wade (keys) and I set to work on recording and filming over 2 days on a zero budget....the first song we've EVER created collectively! We were over the moon to be joined by special guests Michael Barratt of Mental Block, adding his playful humour and vocals and my daughter Melody on backing vocals and.....'the pots and pans'. It has been such a joy working with this crew, they're all wonderful people.

Written with 'keep calm and carry on' happy skiffle vibes, our little belter of a tune oozes love, fun and sunshine and we want to share it as far and wide as we can. It gave us hope and a reason to keep going as a band and helped me to focus on something positive while letting go of the huge future plans I'd had for the past 4 years. 

Through downloads, streaming and collection, we'll be supporting children and families in the Ukraine affected by the conflict by donating to UNICEF's Ukraine appeal. Download below and help spread a little love! If you're a streamer, you'll find Got a Little Love on most platforms...... please stream, share and add to your playlists......every little helps!

A Little Help From My Friends