I am the man!

Wadddduppppp! Well, the weather here in the UK has completely DIED lately.....giving me even more of an excuse to lock my self in my little studio and create and that's exactley what I've been doing for the past few days! Well, not just in the studio......in the kitchen too ha ha. I set up a makeshift studio in there to capture some rather odd sounds that have been used on my new track "I am the man". This song is about, well.....THE MAN! The system that we pour the contents of our purses in to (the currency of my purse would in fact be moths ha ha) so that the fat cats can become obese and the little mice waste away! Pfffffft!!!!!!! So, I wanted some industrial "noise" to create the ambience of the work house and build the beat and have so far managed to whip up a mixture with these ingredients:

A horse shoe

Metal chains

My risotto pan

Set of drawers opening and closing

My Mexican metate, essentially a grinding stone

The hoover cord winding in and out

My own breath

My van floor hip bone kick sample, created earlier this year for the song "Anxiety"

Don't believe me? Here's a video and some photos so you can see what I'm talking about and hear how it all sounds together. I'm LOVING this new track! Can't get enough! I'm feeling vibes of Tom Waits and Marylin Manson here......LOVE these guys! Whatcha think? Do you feel it too? Lemmi know!!!!


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