Boom Diddy Wooh!

Hey hey! You won't believe this, if you're not from England, you're probably well aware of our famous grey skied, usually drab climate.......and if you're living in the UK then you probably had a heart attack when you woke up to hot sunny weather, that's lasted for days and days now! It's unbelievable, I know.......but what's even more unbelievable is the fact that instead of been out in this glorious weather every day, I've been in the STUDIO, writing and recording new material, like a crazed musician or something ha ha! It's true, I LOVE music MORE than sunshine! So I made a quick video of the new track I'm working on called Boom Diddy Wooh. The lyrical content is inspired by a particular man in power and my disliking for the way he handles his duty! I can't believe I didn't begin writing this months ago in fact.....but Anxiety, the new single, consumed my soul ha ha ha! It was mastered today with my friend Matt (there's a photo below) next on the list before the release is the music vid. Anyway, enough about's Boom Diddy Wooh! Hope you like!


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