AT LAST......Anxiety is finished!!!

Wow, it's been a long time coming, but finally the new single Anxiety is finished and ready to be mastered!!! I just can't wait to put it out there.....but I can't yet, not for a while.......there's a music video to be made next ha ha. This song is the beginning of a new journey for me, that's why it's been so important for me to get things done to the best of my ability........which has involved juggling it's creation, recording and production with my time spent on The Voice, learning how to use complete new software (which was sooooo frustrating, but well worth the time) and now to make a music video, something I've never done! AND then there's living with the reality of the song title........ANXIETY!!! So many boundaries have and are yet to be crossed throughout the making of this song and all that goes with it. It's been an enrichment so far, a challenge, medicine, a HUGE joy and at times, a complete bummer ha ha. All this, just for a song??? YES! This is the reality of the commitment I have to music and the causes I support.....speaking of which, a percentage of the money made by this single will be donated to Mind, mental health charity. I've supported them and their work for a while now. They make such a big difference to the lives of many of us living with mental health issues by offering support and by acting on behalf of us to protect our rights and strengthen them, regarding government law. So....I'll keep y'all updated....but for now here's a little video with a sneak peek of how it sounds.....hope you dig!

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