Who is Jilly Riley and what does she get up to ??

Jilly Riley is a solo artist from South Elmsall, West Yorkshire, also known for her activism and art of many kinds! Her music is completely home made and original, with flavours of funk, soul, blues and Latin......all wrapped in love and glazed with freedom. Organic soul, without too much modern intrusion. With a very experimental approach, your ears will be warmed with sounds you may or may not have heard before.....with a percussion kit consisting of buckets, pans, food containers, bank cards......in fact, anything she fancies the sound of, accompanied by the hearty, home made cajon. All sounds on both the album and EP "Organic Soul" and "Belly Full o' Sunshine" are created by this one lass along with all artwork.

With a goal to invoke love and freedom in to the hearts and souls of her listeners, she writes with wholesome passion of issues in need of awareness and works on projects and campaigns with schools and the people. Her current work is focused on the war in Syria and supporting indigenous Mayans resisting oppression in Mexico, the Zapatistas.. Jilly has attended demonstrations against the bombing in Syria and is currently recording the new tracks "We do not Consent" and "Refugees" to be released as soon as they're out of the oven! The money raised from the singles will be used to provide aid at the refugee camps in France. She visited the Calais "Jungle" earlier this spring as part of a convoy organized by activist group "We are Wakefield" to distribute aid and teach the children music and art. The group organize regular trips, taking much needed aid each time and building a friendship between UK supporters and the refugees.

She recently released the community made single "Without Love" focusing on equality and is raising awareness and funds for the Zapatista people of Chiapas, Mexico. She is donating money to their movement and also the refugee children of Syria with funds raised from the single release.......so far raising $1200. You can download it here on the site, please click on "Music" in the menu or "Activism" and scroll down to "Global Harmony Project". Jilly will be heading to Mexico in the future to learn from the movement and help in any way she can while staying with one of the communities.

Currently Jilly is writing new material........ yes, a new album is on it's way and featuring the extremely talented blues/gospel singer and musician Pierre Citerne. The two musicians met during the trip to Calais and have been writing together since. Expect to hear a completely fresh groove with new instruments to add to the growing collection of sounds, including the tongue drum, Navajo flute, a 126 year old piano and more......... If you know Jilly personally then you'll know she is also a poet. She actually became known for her musical talent in the play ground RAPPING! The new album will combine her roots and inspirations of many kinds to paint a canvas in audio colour that promises to reflect a rainbow of love, healing and midnight rebel magic!

Inspiration never fails to drench those guitar fingers and vocal chords, usually found when she's out side in the fields with her dogs, or up a tree somewhere, catching a sunset, bombing down the hills on her dirt jump bike or listening to Mr Hendrix, RATM, Latin jazz, BB King and, gypsy punk........ and the beautiful song the Earth sings.

A rebel at heart, lover at soul, a feather in the wind......in love with the world.

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Jilly Riley performing Refugees, the song she wrote in support of the event Rock for Refugees at Unity Hall, Wakefield November 2015

Jilly Riley performing Refugees, the song she wrote in support of the event Rock for Refugees at Unity Hall, Wakefield November 2015